Friday, October 7, 2011

Jordan Staal Update

According to reports, Jordan Staal did not practice with the Penguins this evening and appeared to be favoring his foot/toe. Despite this, Dan Bylsma is adamant Staal is suffering from dehydration symptoms and will be in the lineup Saturday.

Relentless Analysis: Still a little suspect. Staal did leave the game and did appear to be favoring his foot. Hockey injuries are always reported in code, so it's hard to gauge this one completely. Reports were plenty of Pens players were reporting fatigue last night, but Staal was the only one who left the game. At this point, I'd be surprised if there's not more to this one. We'll see if Staal is in the lineup for Saturday.

Even if Staal does miss some time, the Pens have shown they can cope with the loss of two of their top three centres for an extended duration.

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