Sunday, October 9, 2011

Still Pens 1 - Oilers 0 After Two

Pens a bit more disciplined on the penalties this period, but still getting victimized by the Oilers speed and passing. Oilers have been using a cross-ice pass from the half-boards to a forward in deep to great affect, generating a number of open shots using the same set play. Brent Johnson again standing tall to keep the Oilers scoreless.

Pens had a number of good chances offensively, but can't seem to find a way to finish some good plays. Neal had his opportunities but his shots haven't been where they needed to be. Sullivan and Kunitz both with some great setups, but again the resulting shots haven't found their way past Dubnyk. Mark Letestu had perhaps the best chance with the man advantage, receiving a pass skating to the slot. Dubnyk goes down but Letestu waits too long and can't finish this one.

The Pens are certainly a different team without both Malkin and Crosby, their offense certainly lacks an exclamation point. After two periods, Letestu has been stable albeit unimpressive at first-line pivot. It wouldn't be a bad time to see if Joe Vitale can spark some magic with the top unit.

Hold on tight, this one's close. Third period up next.

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